Pet Wellness

Pet Wellness

The most important service we can offer at Pet Partners Animal Clinic is preventative medicine. Our first priority is keeping your pet healthy, so they may enjoy a long and happy life. Veterinary medicine is difficult, in that our patients cannot speak to us and tell us what is bothering them.

There are two very important pieces to wellness. The first is communication. We need you to become our partner in your pet’s care by sharing with us anything you think is important. This includes sleeping, eating, and elimination patterns. It also includes any medication your pet is currently taking. You know your pets best and you are their voice.

The second important factor in their wellness is a complete physical examination. Nothing tells us more about your pet than a thorough exam. This is where we can assess weight, coat quality, hydration, any masses that are present, and dental disease, in addition to many other factors.

Finally, there are preventative services that we can provide to your pet. These are used to keep your pet as healthy as possible and prevent disease. These services include vaccinations, which should be tailored to each individual pet, and heart worm, flea, and tick preventatives.

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